Are you using Bore well water! You must know this?

Water taping through digging Borewell

What is borewell water source?  How it is stored there? Here is a brief picture of water source stored at below ground.

3-4 decades back, main water source is open wells only.  Now above 50% of agriculture irrigation and public  water distribution dependent on underground water source.  When we need water, bring drilling machine and dig a well. At the time span of 6 hours we can get water. Borewell is the easy way of getting water compared to other sources. Except river and channel, borewell is the huge water source. So that each and every people choose borewell water.

How underground water stored?

Water percolation process
  • We are totally dependent on bore well water for agriculture irrigation and drinking water.
  • It is true that, Bore well  water source or underground water source helped to survive  us from water crisis.
  • But everyone should keep remember about  source of water is not plenty or non exhaustible.
  • The ultimate source of this underground water is seasonal rain only.
  • Rain water percolated through upper layer of soil particles, soft rock and hard rock cavities to underground  from  billions of years.
  • This storage process started from the initiation of earth and rain.
  • If we over exploit this source, we can gradually lose this precious source in short period. 
  • Now the alarm  has ringing that we are in danger. So we have to alert immediately.

Here we would like to bring all bore well water users to know how this water stored at underground. You can get the clear picture of this in some deep mines.  But is not possible for everybody to understand. You can asses this where the earth digging takes place. Here we show some photos which teach us how the rain water enter into rock cavities. 

  • The  drop of water percolated from upper surface of soil will enter into soft rock cracks.
  • Much quantity of water runoff through canals, rivers etc.
  • A small quantity will enter into hard rock cavities.
  • These drops accumulated as a huge underground water source because of non exploitation from millions of years.
  • When we started to tap this, the stored water started slowly decreasing .  
Water percolation through soil cavities
Water percolation through soil cavities

Expert says it is inexhaustible vessel:

Cracks of rocks pass the water to underground
Cracks of rocks pass the water to underground
  • Here one expert in water divining and bore well digging from last 25 years .
  • Mr Ganapathi Bhat, Kodimbla house, from Kadaba taluk , Dakshina Kannada dist Karnataka, India, explains his knowledge in this subject.
  • In his carrier he digged more than 60000 wells and more than 2  lakhs above bore well points at different states.
  • He says now bore well water not safe water source.
  • We have already used top layer water source(200-300 feet depth), now we entered second layer (500-800 feet), In few areas we lost second layer also.
  • After 1st, 2nd, 3rd, What is 4th.
  • It is not good and safe water harvesting practice.
  • So we have to understand basics of this source.
  • If we understand the source, we can minimize the use.
  • If we are unhealthy we can control ourselves in all activities. It is like same.  
  • Underground water is like a water storage tank.
  • If we fill water continuously to tank there was no shortage of water source.
  • If we are not filling properly or not know the position of tank capacity, one or the other day the tank will be empty.
  • So All borewell water users must use this water source in limited quantity.  
  • How much water is recharging to underground every year, we have only right to use that much quantity or less than that.
  • Then only we can save the water source to our next generation.
  • Use compulsorily install drip irrigation, and curb the evaporation and make some arrangements to recharge the water.
  • If there is water there is a life. Water and earth are two faces of single coin.
Drop drop water entering in to rock cavities

Dear all we first understand the source of water. First know the cash in pocket and do expense. Over exploitation is always danger.

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