Bengaluru Blue- best grape for your health.

Bengaluru Blue- best grape for your health.

Seeded blue grape-grown surroundings of Bengalure rural is the special variety. It is very healthy for all people.  This is the oldest and wild variety of grown for Table purposes and wine preparation. Initially, it was introduced for table purposes. This is the heritage of Benagaluru, so it is called as Bengaluru blue grape. 

There are different types of grapes available at vendors. According to the colour demand and taste, rates vary. This blue grape is available in the market at a very cheap rate.  Many customers are not interested in buying this variety because it is not very sweet and has seeds.  If you like to buy this other customers will consider you are the cheaper customer. Do not worry, It is very healthy and you are selection is good. If you are aware of health you can prefer Bengalore blue .

The oldest variety of Grape:

  • At the Sorrondings of  Bangalore rural, Chikkaballapura, and Kolar districts from centuries (150 years back) this variety is grown.
  • The cultivation area is very limited around 4000 hectares.
  • It is very suitable to the climate and soil conditions of the above area.  
  • It is a dual-purpose grape.  Most of the fruits are used for wine purposes.
  •  The only drawback is it contains seeds and is slightly sour.
  • In front of the latest seedless and attractive coloured varieties, its attraction is less.
  • This variety received a geographical Indication tag from the government of India.
  • The Nizamas of Hyderabad bought this fruit from Western countries.
  • Initially, Cultivation of this variety started at Belgaum, Bidar, Bagalkote, Bijapur and Gulbarga.
  • Then it spread to Bengaluru.
  • Growing this variety is very easy.
  • Some farmers like this grape because it is very easy to grow.

What are the health benefits:

  • Researchers found this grape contains antioxidants, so it will help in preventing cancer.
  • It increases life span also. If small children eat this , they will get immunity.
  • Because of the hardness of this variety, it will not require much care in cultivation.
  • Pest and disease problem also less says a grower N C Patel from Yalahanka, Bengalore Rural.
  • Its peal is sour, the inner part is sweet the complex of sour and sweet and the attractive purple colour is its speciality.
  • Eating both parts is good for health. For juice purposes, it is very good because of its colour. Preparing  Grape jam is very ideal.
  • The Squash made up of this is very popular.
  • The taste of the sweet wine made from this variety is very popular.
  • Now maximum quantity will be going to preparing wine.
  • The first harvest is for table purposes, remaining is for wine manufacturing.
  • Around Bengalure many vineyards are run by this grape. It is a multi-purpose fruit.

One acre farmer can get around 3-4 lakhs of income. The expenses for this crop are around 1 lakh. Farmers can get easily 2 lakh from one crop. This is all seasonal variety. The plant can survive up to 50 years.

grower N C Patel from Yalahanka
grower N C Patel from Yalahanka

Do not fear it is chemical-free:

  • Many customer’s opinions on this grape it is highly pesticides and fungicides used.
  • The reason for this is the ash quoted on the fruits.
  • This thinking is completely wrong.
  • It requires very less chemicals.
  • The ash type of quoting on fruit is its natural protector.
  • The least quantity of chemicals required for this is Bengalure blue only.

The nutritional value of this is a great source of vitamin C, potassium and dietary fibre. Low in calories and fat.  When you prepare curd rice or salads, use this . Any function preparation of the juice from this grape is prestigious.  Also, Daily eating will help to build immunity in your body.  

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