250nuts in a single coconut tree-Is it possible? Yes.

250nuts above in a tree

Do you worried about your coconut palm is yielding less? The main reason for this is its health. The health of the palm is identified by its leaves and its arrangements.Healthy plant can yield 250nuts nuts in a year.

Health is the main key factor of all living things. In plants, yielding capacity is decided by its good health. Healthy plants having high  yielding capacity. Its resistance or immune power is also more. To obtain this, we have to provide healthy atmosphere and nourishment throughout their developing stages.

One coconut palm can yield upto 250nuts. How many farmers can getting this much of yield? Very few.  In all planted trees, its percentage is around  2-3%.  If we get high yield in more than 75% palms, coconut cultivation is highly profitable. It is not a hardship. We have to prepare the plant to get maximum yield from its initial stages. Most  of you observed  some Malaysian coconut farming videos circulated in social media. That is true also. If we cultivate like them,  it become  possible for us also.

healthy tree- abundant leaves
Leaf arrangements in healthy plant

Here they get 250nuts in a tree:

  • If you really interested to learn the good cultivation practice of coconut, you can visit a unique coconut farm located at Goa.
  • Krishna plantations having around 250 acres of coconut.
  • They are following all scientific cultivation practices and become success in  getting average 20 nuts in a bunch.
  • From every tree every month, they harvest the nuts.
  • They still confident on coconut farming.
  • They are fully utilizing coconut in value edition
Initial growth should be like this
Two years growth of healthy plant

Coconut a healthy food Source:

  • Among the vegetable oils, coconut extracted oil is most precious oil.
  • This is the only source having 65% of oil content. From many centuries people use this oil as genuine edible oil.
  • Now it is gaining much more popularity in world wide.
  • It has got lot of medicinal values. So in future coconut will become more popular crop.
  • Anti oxidant content in coconut oil is high.
leaves and yield

Health Indicator of coconut tree:

  • Coconut is monocot plant, having only fibrous root system.
  • Its net type strong root system keeps the tree strong and healthy.
  • Leaves are the main indicator of healthy coconut plant.
  • The health factor counts from the good seed.
  • If you select good seedlings it will show its character in growth.
  • In coconut cultivation, five year nourishment after planting is the key factor.
  • Sufficient moisture, required manure and pest and disease management will lead its vigorous growth.
  • Do not compromise with initial nourishments.
  • Once the  yield starts, then only farmer can assess the yielding capacity of the palm.
  • In good yielding palm,  there are abundant  leaves.
  • Usually 30-40 paripinnate leaves  are present in healthy coconut tree.
  • The leaf  consist of long  central stalk with a  length up to 6 meters and over 200 tapering leaflets.
  • Length of the leaflets  is around 1-1.5 meters.
  • The leaf stalk is strong and clasps the stem round up to half of the tree girth.
  • Entire leaf is supported by its leaf stalk. 
  • The leaves are produced in succession, the interval between the openings of two successive leaves is influenced by genetic factor, seasonal and soil fertility conditions.
  • In our country September to November, leaves are produced in shorter intervals.
This is not a good leaf arrangements
This type of leaf arrangement is not a healthy character

High yield and functional leaves:

  • Yielding capacity of the palm is decided by number of leaves they possess.  
  • High yielders have more number of functional leaves.
  • Medium and low yielders having less number of leaves.
  • The longer retention and slower senescence of the leaves of the high yielders also indirectly indicates their drought resistance power.
un healthy plant
This type of plants are genetically yielders

The arrangement of leaf is in open umbrella shape. In coconut palm, we can observe alternate phyllotaxy. If it is like half closed umbrella shape, it is less yielders and genetically problematic. In oldest and youngest leaves photosynthesis rate is low, but in fully expanded young leaves rate of photosynthesis is highest rate.

Farmer should keep their coconut palm in healthy condition by providing sufficient nutrition and required moisture. It supports the retention of maximum number of leaves. Then automatically yield increases.

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